The basic objective of demonstrating new, efficient, sustainable technologies to the farmers is to enhance the sustainable production and productivity of agricultural ventures of the farmers. KVK, Jorhat since its inception is engaged in dissemination of these technologies in the farmers' fields so that the farmers can reap the benefit of the modern technologies. During 2015-16 a total of 23 nos of front line demonstrations were conducted in the district. The different commodities/ventures on which FLDs were conducted are - Paddy, oil seeds, pulses, horticultural crops, tuber crops, flowers, poultry, pisciculture, Black gram, Greengram. The varietal demonstration on different crops were- Pratap in greengram, Swarna Sub-1, TTB-404 and Mulagabharu in paddy. In Gladiolus variety Novalux, was demonstrated. Besides, demonstrations on mushroom, vermicompost etc. were included. After successful demonstration in farmers' field the horizontal spread of improved varieties of Sali paddy variety Ranjit , TTB303-2-23 , TTB 303-1-42, Medium duration Paddy variety- Mulagabharu, Banana var. Borjahaji, Lentil (Var. - Moitree, KLS 218), HY sugarcane varieties like Kalang, Borak, Dhansiri, Doria&Kapilipar, Forage crops crop like Seteria, H. napier, Congo signal, tuberose etc. were observed. Technology demonstrations for field and horticultural crops convinced farmers for adoption of the technologies. In the animal sector adoption and spread of improved breeds of poultry like Kalinga brown and Khaki Campbell was phenomenal. In fishery, composite fish culture, nursery pond management for production of stunted fingerlings and integrated Duck cum Fish Culture ventures are gaining popularity in the district. KrishiVigyan Kendra (Farm Science Centre) is an innovative institute designed by Indian Council of Agricultural Research after recommendation of Mohan Singh Mehta Committee (1973) with prime mandate to impart vocational training to the practicing farmers, rural youth and field level Extension functionaries who are already employed. The KVKs, thus are the down-to-earth institutions committed to vocational training, transfer of latest technologies, on farm research and thus, serving as the light house for overall rural development in the district. Now it was recommended to have one KrishiVigyan Kendra in each district for effective transfer of technology developed in the research system for field application in the farmers' fields.

List of Front Line Demonstrations conducted during 2015-16