Layer Farming by Shri Ranjit Dutta:

Mr. Ranjit Dutta of Teok town, Block- Selenghat belongs to a marginal family possessing 5 bighas of land. After completing his graduation he was in search of a job. He visited KVK, Jorhat with great hope and discussed the matter with the expert of Animal Science. SMS of Animal Science, KVK, Jorhat, visited the farm, provided technical support and encouraged for transforming his enterprise to a profitable venture. On the basis of constant technical support of KVK, Jorhat he recorded up to 90% production of brown shell eggs in his farm and earn a satisfactory margin of profit.

Presently, Mr. Dutta is rearing 750 nos of BV-380 layer bird and also placed another flock of BV-380 day old chicks(750 nos) on December, 2011. He earned net profit of Rs. 1,00,000.00 from his previous flock.He is presently selling eggs, produced from his farm @ 126/- per plate of 30 eggs. Due to the heavy demand of brown shelled eggs in this region, he is interested to increase placement upto 5000 shortly. His hard work, skill and knowledge in Layer farming have established him as a motivating force in the locality for development of layer farm as a means of livelihood security for unemployed youth.