Mr. Nabajyoti Bordoloi, S/o Jitendra Nath Bordoloi is a resident of Sonari Gaon, Teok, Jorhat. Basically he is an arts graduate maintaining his own means of livelihood satisfactorily with his livestock venture. He started broiler farming with 150 nos. of day old chicks in 1998. In the begining, he was facing lots of problems like non-availability of quality chicks, feeds, medicines, vaccines in his near vicinity, management of litter, early chicks mortality and occurrence of viral, bacterial and managemental diseases like infectious bursal disease, ranikhet disease, coccidiosis etc. Due to lack of scientific knowledge on management regarding broiler farming, Mr. N. Bordoloi was facing lots of managemental cum disease problem and he was encountering losses in his farm. At last, he visited Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jorhat to discuss regular problems faced by him. So, KVK, Jorhat provided necessary technological backstopping with adequate training on scientific management of broiler farming to him.

With the newly acquired knowledge and skill and visits to poultry demonstration unit of KVK, Jorhat, he has applied following improved practices -

i. Brooding of day old chicks upto 3rd week of age.

ii. Selection of quality chicks, feed, litter material etc.

iii. Proper use of medicines particularly antibiotics. Previously he used lots of medicine on day to day management practices keeping a prescribed list of medicine in the farm.

iv. Knowledge on vaccine and vaccination. Vaccinations against IBD and Ranikhet disease by proper route of vaccination and at proper time, booster vaccination against Ranikhet disease on 21st day are the key factor for his success.

v. Record keeping and evaluation of economical parameter of every batch of rearing.


Financial development::

Average cost of production in his farm : Rs. 59.50

Average ready bird production per month : 5000-6000 kg.

Average wholesale market rate of the area : Rs. 73.00

At present his net profit is around Rs.25000.00 to 30000.00 per batch of farming averaging Rs. 50,000.00 to Rs. 60,000.00 per month. He has also been able to employee three numbers of local youth in his farm. He has started one broiler cutting centre and consistently supplying the broiler meat to the local market.

Recently he has come to KVK, to discuss regarding unconventional method of brooding day old chicks in remote areas where electric power supply is low or nil. KVK scientist designed a bukhari- a wooden stove commonly practicing in northern region of India in winter season. Presently, in his farm a study is undertaken on efficacy of Bukhari- as an alternate unconventional brooding system for rearing day-old chicks in remote areas.

He always invite KVK scientist for diagnostic visit to his broiler farm. "After getting practical demonstration on post mortem of diseased bird, now, I can easily diagnose dreaded poultry diseases like Infectious Bursal Disease and Ranikhet in the initial stage of infection.", he says confidently.


With his own capacity, enthusiasm, interaction with KVK Scientist in terms of training, demonstration, diagnostic visit and up to date knowledge of recent improved practices now he has become one of the progressive farmers in broiler farming in Jorhat district. He has been a source of inspiration for local youth in and around Jorhat district. Looking at his success more numbers of unemployed educated youths have been motivated to take up commercial broiler farming as a source of food and livelihood security.