Broccoli cultivation opens a new window for economic empowerment of rural tribal vegetable growers in Allengmora area (2015- 16):

Background and Problem:

The vegetable growers from the Allengmora area mainly dominated by Mising community had been producing vegetables and catering for Jorhat area of the district. The main source of income of these farmers is growing vegetables throughout the year. All the vegetables can be successfully grown in the Allengmora area because of its fertile soil in the bank of river Brahmaputra. Although the farmers of this area are growing most of the cruciferous vegetables they were not aware about cultivation of high value vegetable crop Broccoli. This was observed by KVK, Jorhat and awareness has been created among the farmers of the locality regarding this high value crop.

KVKs intervention:

With the interest and good response received from farmers, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jorhat has planned to introduce this high value crop in the Alengmora area and initially a small demonstration on Broccoli was conducted in Kolbari village of Alengmora area covering a group of five farmers. They have harvested a bumper crop and due to high demand of this crop at Jorhat market, received a premium price and the farmers were very happy. Most of the farmers of the locality visited the demonstration site during the field day arranged by KVK, Jorhat and requested help & guidance from KVK, Jorhat for cultivation of this crop in nearby villages. The scientists from KVK, Jorhat assured their help & guidance for cultivation of this crop in next rabi season. In the next rabi season the farmers from Neolgaon, Namdeori, Koriamari, Loliti, Bormukoli, Upardeori area started large scale cultivation of this crop.


Among the beneficiary farmers, Sri Sanjay Pegu, a progressive farmer from Kolbari of Allengmora area has emerged as most successful farmer in Broccoli cultivation. During the year 2015-16, Sri Sanjay Pegu has cultivated Broccoli in an area of 1.50 hectare and harvested 22.40 tonnes of Broccoli and earned Rs. 4, 40,000.00 from the sale of Broccoli.

Adoption by the Farmers:

The farmers were very happy with the cultivation of Broccoli due to its resistance to most of the common pest & diseases, adaptability to the area and overall productivity. During last three years the cultivation of this crop has spread to almost all the villages of the Allengmora area and presently all the farmers of the locality are growing the crop. Sri Sanjay Pegu is an example of successful Broccoli grower among the vegetable growers of the locality.


Due to high demand of Broccoli in Jorhat market, farmers are not finding any problem in selling the produce and in fact most of the harvests are being sold in their farm only. The retailer from nearby district of Sivasagar & Golaghat has also started coming for purchase of Broccoli from Allengmora area.